Does Michaels Take Apple Pay?

Last Updated on 12/05/2020 by GS Staff

Q: Does Michaels accept Apple Pay as a payment option?

Some Michaels stores accept Apple Pay. Unfortunately, not all locations take Apple Pay. Additionally, you cannot pay with Apple Pay using the Michaels app.

Read on to determine how to find out if a Michaels store takes Apple Pay and to learn more about the Michaels app payment methods.

Michaels Stores & Apple Pay

You can determine if a Michaels takes Apple Pay by using the Apple Maps app. This app should already be loaded on your mobile device. If not, it can be downloaded free from the Apple Store.

To learn if a specific Michaels takes Apple Pay, you can search for a store in Apple Maps. Once the store is displayed, scroll down to the “Useful to Know” section. Here you will see the Apple Pay logo and/or “✔ Accepts Apple Pay” if the store takes Apple Pay.

Below is an example of a Michaels that takes Apple Pay. You can see that the Apple Maps app of this location reflects the Apple Pay logo circled in red. This indicates that this particular Michaels takes Apple Pay.

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Michaels App & Apple Pay

We attempted to check out on our iPhone with the Michaels app using Apple Pay for payment. The app did not present us with the option to pay with Apple Pay as displayed below. The only payment options were a credit card, gift/voucher, and PayPal.