Does Meijer Require a Membership?

Last Updated on 10/29/2021 by GS Staff

Q: Does Meijer require a membership to shop?

No, Meijer does not require a membership to shop at its stores. Shoppers can visit any Meijer and shop as normal without the need for a membership to enter or check out. Meijer is not a warehouse club like Costco or Sam’s Club that requires a membership to purchase merchandise. Feel free to shop at Meijer as you would any other grocery store or supercenter such as Walmart or Target.

Furthermore, delivery and pickup orders do not require a membership. However, fees may apply. Meijer and Shipt do have a partnership. If you use Shipt, the company does have an option for a membership plan or you can pay per order.

Does mPerks require a membership?

mPerks offers digital coupons and rewards to customers that sign up for the program. The program is free to join and use with no membership required. If you are even a casual shopper at Meijer, we recommend signing up for mPerks to potentially save a few bucks through the benefits it provides.

For example, through almost 10 months of infrequently shopping at Meijer and using mPerks, we have saved $21.85 from digital coupons and rewards as displayed below. Note that the $6.10 savings under coupons were from the use of physical coupons presented to the cashier at checkout. The $189.67 in specials are the savings from things like in-store specials and price drops.

Visit to learn more about the mPerks program. You can also read our article titled What is Meijer mPerks? to find out more.

Do Meijer gasoline stations require a membership?

No, Meijer gas stations do not require a membership. You can pay at the pump or inside at any one of the 200+ Meijer gas stations without concern about being a member. Simply fill up with gas or purchase goods inside as you would at most other gas stations in the United States.

Image Credit – Mike Kalasnik/flickr