Does Menards Take Coupons?

Last Updated on 09/19/2020 by GS Staff

Yes, Menards accepts coupons. However, you should be aware of its coupon policy. Their official coupon policy can be found here but we will go over the key points outlined in the policy. We encourage you to read their full policy, especially when you are considering using an uncommon coupon type. Keep in mind that Menards has the right to refuse any coupon at their discretion.

Manufacturer Coupons

  • The coupon must have a scannable barcode.
  • The coupon must state “Manufacturer Coupon” on it.
  • A remit address must appear on the coupon. The address must be valid.
  • An expiration date must be printed on the coupon. The coupon must be used at a Menards before the expiration date. Menards does not accept expired coupons. 
  • Dollar/cents off coupons are permitted.
  • Coupons cannot be duplicated. 

Competitor Coupons

  • The coupon must reflect an expiration date. The coupon must be used before the expiration date. 
  • Both black & white and color coupons are accepted. 
  • Coupons that indicate a specific item for a specific price are acceptable.
  • Coupons that reflect a percentage off the total transaction are not accepted. 
  • Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) coupons must reflect the value of the free item on the coupon.
  • The competitor must be in the same local market as Menards. The store manager has the ability to define what constitutes a local competitor.
  • You cannot use competitor coupons for items on sale, end of season discount items, closeout or special promotions.  

Coupons Not Accepted

  • Coupons for a percentage off
  • Copied or scanned coupons
  • Coupons transferred, purchased, sold, prohibited by law
  • Any coupon that appears altered
  • Coupons printed at home from the internet that do not require purchase
  • BOGO competitor coupons that do not state a specific price
  • Double or triple value coupons

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Image Source – Corey Coyle