Does Menards Have Layaway?

Last Updated on 12/20/2020 by GS Staff

Q: Does Menards have layaway?

No, Menards does not have layaway services. We confirmed this with Menards customer service on September 8, 2020.

Instead of layaway, the company advised us that we could apply for a Menards Big Card that would allow us to obtain our items immediately. The Menards Big Card is a credit card so an approval process applies.

The perks of this credit card are:

  • 2% rebate on Menards purchase
  • 6 months financing on purchases over $299
  • 48-month financing on purchases over $1,500

Here is a summary of the interest rate, interest charges, and fees:

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)24.99%. Variable based on prime rate.
Avoiding InterestDue date is at least 25 days after the close of each billing cycle
Annual Fee$0
Late PaymentUp to $40
Visit for full/updated details on this credit card.

Final Thoughts

While Menards does not have layaway, some people might consider the Menards Big Card for its promotional financing plans that offer attractive APRs over a certain number of months. This allows payments over time that are hopefully manageable to cardholders. However, this certainly is not a credit card to hold a balance on from month-to-month when the 24.99% APR is being charged.

Image – Mike Kalasnik