Does Walgreens Sell Stamps?

Walgreens sells stamps

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Does Walgreens sell stamps?


Yes, Walgreens sells stamps. Simply ask the cashier for a booklet of stamps (20 stamps) or single stamps where available.

Where is a local Walgreens that sell stamps?

Walgreens has over 8,200 stores, which is second only to CVS who has approximately 9,700 stores. In many areas it is very easy to find a Walgreens to buy stamps. If you live in a big city it may seem like a store is on every other corner. The company is known for having convenient locations to buy stamps and hundreds of other items such as food, medicine, cosmetics, and toiletries.

Please use the below map to find a Walgreens near you. Click “View Larger Map” on the top right corner of the map to complete your search:

Determining The Right Postage

If you are mailing something other than a standard letter (weighing greater than 3.5 ounces), you will need to weigh the letter/package to ensure that the correct postage is used. You can weigh your item at the Post Office or with an office/home postal scale. Visit the USPS Postage Price Calculator to figure out the correct postage to use for your mail. Note that the maximum weight you can ship under First-Class Mail is 13 ounces. The package/letter becomes Priority Mail above 13 ounces.

Other Places That Sell Stamps

While Walgreens is a convenient location to buy stamps, there are alternatives similar to Walgreens. CVS and Rite Aid also carry stamps. Simply ask for them at the register. Please view our article on Where to Buy Postage Stamps for more locations to purchase stamps.

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