Does Costco Price Match: Costco Price Match Policy

Costco Price Match

Last Updated on 10/26/2017 by GS Staff


Does Costco price match?


No, Costco does not price match. The customer service section on the Costco website indicates that the company does not price match because they already offer competitive prices. If you find a lower price at a different retailer, the best you can do is purchase the product where the price is the lowest.

Costco has a very customer friendly return policy. You should not typically havr trouble returning an item to Costco if you want to buy it cheaper somewhere else. You can view Costco’s return policy here.

Costco Price Adjustment

While Costco does not price match, you may be able to obtain a price adjustment for an item you recently purchased. Let’s say you buy a couch for $700 and a week later the couch goes on sale for $500. You can bring your receipt into Costco and ask for a price adjustment for the difference of $200 ($700 purchase price – $500 current sales price). Costco allows 30 days for price adjustments from the date of the receipt.

In the event that Costco does not permit a price adjustment for some reason, you can return the item and then repurchase it at the lower price. However, this may not be practical for large merchandise like furniture or for small price adjustments.

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