Where is the CVV on a Visa Card?

Visa CVV location

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Where is the CVV on a Visa card?


The Credit Card Verification or CVV is a three digit number found on the back of Visa cards. It is used to add a level of security to the card. For example, when someone purchases an item online, the checkout process requires both the card number and the Visa CVV in order to complete the transaction. If a fraudster only has the credit card number, they will not be able to complete the online purchase since the CVV is missing.

Where is the CVV located on a Visa? The picture below shows the location of a Visa CVV. It is the number “123” that is circled in red. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards all have the CVV located in the same spot on the credit card.

CVV on a Visa

Are You Fully Protected with the CVV?

While the CVV is used as an extra layer of fraud protection, it is not always require to process a transaction by a merchant. Just having the credit card number alone can be enough to process a transaction in some cases. However, a large number of merchants have made entering the  CVV number a requirement to deter fraud. Of course, you should keep both your credit card number and your CVV private at all times.

Other CVV Names

The CVV is also referred to as the CSC (Card Security Code) or the CVV2. If someone references one of these, they are referring to the same three digits pictured above on the back of the card.