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Michigan Bottle Return Locations

Michigan Can Return Locations

You are charged a 10 cent deposit that is added to the product price when you purchase certain beverages in Michigan. Beverages that have these deposits are containers for pop/soda, beer, wine coolers, carbonated water, mineral water, and canned cocktails. If you are charged the 10 cent deposit, you are entitled to receive a refund …

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Does WinCo Take Checks?

Yes, WinCo does accept checks for purchases just like many other grocery stores. You will have to show valid identification with the check. The address on the identification must match the address on the check.  WinCo accepts the following identification cards when presented to the cashier with your check: State-issued driver’s license with a photo …

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Does Target Accept Checks?

Q: Does Target accept checks? Target accepts personal checks at Target stores. The company does not accept foreign checks or business checks. However, Target indicates that some exceptions may apply regarding the use of business checks.  Checks cannot be used as an online payment option. They are only permitted for use in Target stores.  According …

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Does Target Accept American Express?

Q: Does Target take American Express as a payment method? Target provides several convenient options to pay similar to other larger retailers. One of those options is paying with an American Express credit card. Target accepts American Express at Target stores and on The payment methods allowed at Target are as follows: Target Stores …

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Does Aldi Take Credit Cards?

Q: Does Aldi take credit cards? Aldi is a discount supermarket chain that focuses on value for its customers. It currently has approximately 2,000 grocery stores across the United States. The company contains primarily common grocery items to keep costs low. You are not going to find large shelves full of pasta sauce at Aldi …

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