Where is Ginger Beer in Grocery Stores?

Ginger Beer in the Grocery Store

Last Updated on 08/08/2019 by GS Staff

Where is ginger beer in grocery stores? The two common locations of ginger beer are in the alcoholic beverage aisle and the non-alcoholic beverage aisle. Please read on for more details.

Where is Ginger Beer in Grocery Stores?

Ginger beer is commonly used to make cocktails such as the Dark ‘n Storm and the Moscow Mule. Grocery stores commonly stock ginger beer in the alcoholic beverage aisle since it is often mixed with liquor and other ingredients to make mixed drinks. Look for it by where you would find items such as daiquiri mix, lime juice, Bloody Mary mix, and other related mixers.

Ginger beer can be found in the non-alcoholic beverage aisle in some stores. Other items found in this aisle may include soda (pop), juices, water, sports drinks, and energy drinks. Keep in mind that there are some ginger beer products that have alcohol (a meaningful amount) that will not be in the non-alcoholic beverage aisle. More on this below.

Depending on the store, ginger beer might be found in either aisle or both aisles. The Midwest grocer, Meijer, is one example of a store where we have seen ginger beer stocked in the both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage aisles.

Who Sells Ginger Beer?

Ginger beer is in numerous stores across the United States. Stores that have been known to carry ginger beer include Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Kroger, Meijer, 7 Eleven, Ralphs, Safeway, Giant, Weis Markets, Food Lion, Publix, and more.

Amazon also has a large selection of ginger beer if you are looking for a ship to home option. You will find a lot of products on there that you won’t find at most grocery stores. The downside is that you will commonly pay more on Amazon due to the cost to ship that is either factored into the price and/or added as an additional shipping charge.

Does it Have Alcohol?

Despite having the word “beer” in its name, ginger beer is commonly a non-alcoholic drink. This is why it can be found in both the non-alcoholic beverage aisle (potentially marketed to shoppers who intend to drink it straight) and the alcohol aisle (marketed toward people who will use it as a mixer).

There are some ginger beer products that have alcohol. crabbie’s is an example of this type of product. Of course, these adult beverages will not be found nestled in with the non-alcoholic beverages at the grocery store. You will find them in the alcoholic beverage section of the store.

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