Where are Uncrustables in the Grocery Store?

Image Credit: DebMomOf3

Q: Where are Uncrustables in the grocery store?

A: Smucker’s Uncrustables are found in the frozen food section of the grocery store. You will commonly find them next to other frozen food items such as mini pizza rolls, Bagel Bites, Hot Pockets, soft pretzels, frozen croissants and burritos.

Thawing Directions

Since Uncrustables are a frozen food item, they need to be thawed before being consumed. The product directions indicate to thaw a sandwich 30 to 60 minutes at room temperature. The sandwich should not be placed in the refrigerator because it will dry out the bread. The directions also state not to microwave it. The below Twitter post from Smucker’s explains why they advise against a microwave. Additionally, Smucker’s warns on Facebook that the filling could get very hot using this thawing method.

Uncrustables Flavors