How Many Quarters are in 20 dollars?

Last Updated on 03/12/2021 by GS Staff

Q: How many quarters are in $20.00?

There are four quarters in a dollar. To figure out how many quarters are in 20 dollars, multiply the four quarters by 20 (the number of dollars in $20.00). The following equation shows how this is calculated:

4 (quarters in a dollar) x 20 (number of dollars in $20.00) = 80 quarters

There are 80 quarters in 20 dollars.

You can also calculate the number of quarters in 20 dollars by figuring out the number of cents in 20 dollars and dividing that number by 25 cents. You can do that as follows:

2000 (100 cents in a dollar x 20) ÷ 25 (one quarter is 25 cents) = 80 quarters 

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Potentially the above equations may be confusing for some people. If this is the case, we have provided the below table that counts the number of quarters in 20 dollars without an equation. Yes, this is a long way, but hopefully, it gives you a clear picture of the quarters in 20 dollars.

Number of Quarters Dollars
4 Quarters1 Dollar
8 Quarters2 Dollars
12 Quarters3 Dollars
16 Quarters4 Dollars
20 Quarters5 Dollars
24 Quarters6 Dollars
28 Quarters7 Dollars
32 Quarters8 Dollars
36 Quarters9 Dollars
40 Quarters10 Dollars
44 Quarters11 Dollars
48 Quarters12 Dollars
52 Quarters
13 Dollars
56 Quarters14 Dollars
60 Quarters15 Dollars
64 Quarters16 Dollars
68 Quarters17 Dollars
72 Quarters18 Dollars
76 Quarters19 Dollars
80 Quarters20 Dollars