Old Spice Stock: Can You Buy Shares?

Last Updated on 10/20/2021 by GS Staff

Is Old Spice publicly traded?

No, you cannot solely purchase Old Spice Stock. It is not publicly traded on its own. Furthermore, it does not have its own stock ticker symbol, stock price, or share price.

Who Owns Old Spice?

Old Spice is owned by Procter & Gamble (P&G). While Old Spice alone is not publicly traded, you can purchase shares of P&G through most brokers in the United States. It trades under the stock symbol PG on the New York Stock Exchange.

Keep in mind that Old Spice is one of many brands owned by P&G. Keep reading on to see a list of some of the more popular brands owned by P&G.

Brands Owned By P&G

The below list of P&G brands is certainly not exhaustive but will provide readers a good idea of what the company owns. After reading this list, you will see why it is not wise to invest in P&G simply because you like Old Spice. Old Spice is merely just one small piece of the enormous whole that is P&G.

BrandProducts Made
PampersIt makes baby products including diapers, wipes, and training pants
LuvsSimilar to Pampers, Luvs produces diapers and training pants
BounceDryer sheets, clothing spray, and wrinkle release spray are the primary products of Bounce
Tide Various laundry products, including its popular detergents
BountyA high-quality paper towel brand
CharminIt is known for producing ultra soft toilet paper that is a favorite in many households
PuffsA brand of facial tissue
TampaxFeminine care products
AlwaysFeminine care products
GilletteA leader in razors and skincare products
BrAunIt specializes in making electric shavers, trimmers, epilators, and similar related products
Head & ShouldersA brand of shampoo that helps eliminate dandruff
Herbal EssencesA hair care products brand started by Clairol in 1971
PanteneIt is known for its Pro-V shampoo among other products
DawnThe top-selling dishwashing liquid that is known for its cleaning power
CascadeDishwasher detergent brand
FebrezeThe brand makes odor eliminators, including fabric sprays, air fresheners, candles, and more
Mr. CleanA popular brand of cleaning products
SwifferSweeping and dusting products such as mops, dusters, vacuums, and beyond
CrestDental care products such as toothpaste, mouthwash (Scope), and teeth whitening items
Oral-BIt makes manual and electric toothbrushes
Pepto BismolA brand many people reach for when they have an upset stomach
VicksNyQuil, DayQuil, VapoRub, and Sinex are some of the over-the-counter medicines made by Vicks
ClearbluePregnancy testing and ovulation products
Olay Skin care products brand for the face and body
SecretDeodorant & antiperspirant geared toward women

When Did P&G Acquire Old Spice?

Old Spice was purchased by Procter & Gamble in 1990. P&G paid $300 million to acquire the brand from the Shulton Company. Included in the deal were four manufacturing facilities. One in Memphis, Tennessee, and three more outside of the United States.

Will Old Spice Go Public?

We expect Old Spice to remain a brand of P&G for the foreseeable future. It is one of the major brands in the company’s skin and personal products category and likely isn’t going anywhere soon.

We speculate that the most likely way for Old Spice to be public on its own is for it to be spun off or sold and then brought public. However, we have no indication that this event will ever happen.

Keep in mind that it is not unusual for P&G to divest in brands. Some divestitures in the past include Crisco, Pringles, Duracell, Iams, Folgers, and Zest. Only time will tell if Old Spice will remain a part of P&G.

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Image Credit – Mike Mozart/flickr