Tide Detergent Stock: Can You Buy Shares?

Last Updated on 10/20/2021 by GS Staff

Is Tide Detergent Publicly Traded?

Tide laundry detergent is not publicly traded as a standalone company. You cannot solely purchase Tide stock. It does not have a stock price or ticker symbol.

Who Owns Tide?

Tide is a brand of Procter & Gamble (P&G). While you cannot buy shares of Tide, P&G is publicly traded. The corporation trades under the ticker symbol PG on the New York Stock Exchange. Shares of P&G are readily available for purchase through most brokers.

While you can research P&G for potential investment purposes, keep in mind that the company is enormous and has numerous popular brands in its portfolio. You should not invest in P&G simply because you love Tide detergent.

P&G Brands

Here are some of P&G’s most popular brands. 22 brands of P&G bring in $1 billion or more in annual sales. As you likely expected, Tide is one of those brands.

BrandProducts Made
PampersIt is the top-selling diaper brand in the U.S. They also make related products like wipes and training pants
LuvsAnother popular brand of diapers and training pants
BounceDryer sheets, clothing spray, and wrinkle release spray are the primary products of Bounce
Tide It is known for its powerful laundry detergents
BountyThe “quicker-picker-upper!” of paper towels
CharminUltra-soft toilet paper and one of the favorite brands in the category for Americans
PuffsA facial tissue brand
TampaxFeminine care products
AlwaysFeminine care products
GilletteA top-selling in razors and skincare products
BrAunBrAun makes electric shavers, trimmers, epilators, and like products
Head & ShouldersDandruff eliminating shampoo brand
Herbal EssencesA hair care products brand started by Clairol in 1971 and sold to P&G in 2001
PanteneIt is known for its Pro-V shampoo and similar hair care items
DawnThe top-selling dishwashing liquid that is known for its cleaning power
CascadeA trusted Dishwasher detergent
FebrezeOdor eliminators, including fabric sprays, air fresheners, candles, and more
Mr. CleanCleaning products that have been made since 1958
SwifferSweeping and dusting products such as mops, dusters, vacuums, and beyond
CrestThe brand is known for toothpaste, mouthwash (Scope), and teeth whitening products
Oral-BIt makes manual and electric toothbrushes
Pepto BismolUpset stomach medication made in a familiar pink formula
VicksYou likely know Vicks from its over-the-counter medications: NyQuil, DayQuil, VapoRub, and Sinex
ClearbluePregnancy testing and ovulation products
Olay Skin care products brand for the face and body
SecretDeodorant & antiperspirant marketed toward females

When Did P&G Launch Tide?

Tide first hit store shelves in 1946 as a synthetic that was designed for heavy-duty machine washing tasks. It was initially tested regionally. Its success allowed it to be brought nationally to stores in 1949.

Will Tide Ever Go Public?

It’s tough to imagine Tide not being connected to P&G. It is one of the consistently producing brands of the company that has more than 25% of the global market share in its category. We have no indication that Tide will ever be a publicly-traded company on its own and away from P&G.

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