When Does McDonald’s Serve Lunch?

Last Updated on 12/05/2020 by GS Staff

Q: When does McDonald’s start serving lunch?

Mcdonald’s starts serving lunch at 10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday lunch is served at 11:00 am.

Here is a response from the official McDonald’s account on Twitter stating when breakfast ends (and lunch begins):

The below table reflects the McDonald’s lunch start times for each day of the week:

McDonald’s Lunch Start Time

DayLunch Start Time
Monday10:30 am
Tuesday10:30 am
Wednesday10:30 am
Thursday10:30 am
Friday10:30 am
Saturday11:00 am
Sunday11:00 am

Note that McDonald’s eliminated All-Day Breakfast when Covid-19 began to be a concern. It has not returned as of the date of this article. According to Delish.com, McDonald’s stated that the elimination of All-Day Breakfast helped “simplify operations” and “provided better speed of service and accuracy” while dealing with the complexities of the pandemic.

There is no word if or when All-Day Breakfast will return. However, McDonald’s stated the following on its Twitter account:

Generally, Burger King’s breakfast and lunch hours are similar to McDonald’s for those readers who might also visit BK.