Does Lululemon Take Apple Pay?

Last Updated on 10/06/2021 by GS Staff

Yes, Lululemon accepts Apple Pay. It can be used in stores, online at, and through the Lululemon app. Read on for more details.

Lululemon Stores & Apple Pay

The best way to check if a Lululemon takes Apple Pay is by using the Apple Maps app. Here are the steps to determine if a Lululemon accepts Apple Pay:

  1. Open the Apple Maps app on your Apple device. Click here if your device does not have Apple Maps-
  2. Search for the Lululemon you wish to visit
  3. Look for the “Useful to Know” section under the stores address/phone/website information
  4. In this section, you will see the Apple Pay logo and/or “✔ Accepts Apple Pay” if the store takes Apple Pay

The image below from the Apple Maps app shows an example of a Lululemon that takes Apple Pay. You can see in the “Useful to Know” section that the Apple Logo is displayed. This logo indicates that the store accepts Apple Pay for payment.

Keep in mind that Apple Maps can be used to determine if any physical location of a retailer or restaurant takes Apple Pay. For example, if you want to determine if Menards accepts Apple Pay, type in your local hardware store into Apple Maps and see if the Apple Pay logo or ✔ Accepts Apple Pay is displayed.

Lululemon App & Apple Pay

The Lululemon app offers the ability for Apple device users to pay using Apple Pay. A “Buy with Apple Pay” button will be displayed at checkout if your device is set up with Apple Pay. Simply tap the Apple Pay button to begin the checkout process using Apple Pay.

The image below from the Luluelemon app shows an example of what to look for at checkout when you want to pay with Apple Pay: & Apple Pay

The Lululemon website also allows Apple Pay for payment. At checkout, you will be present with an Apple Pay button that can be tapped to start the Apple Pay payment process. You must be using the Safari browser on an Apple device with Apple Pay set up on the device.

The image below taken from shows the ability to pay with Apple Pay on an Apple device:

Featured Image Credit – Phillip Pessar/flickr