Does HEB Take Apple Pay?

Last Updated on 09/03/2021 by GS Staff

Q: Does HEB accept Apple Pay as a payment method? 

No, HEB does not take Apple Pay. However, it appears that the company is looking into implementing this contactless payment technology in the future. The company stated the following on Twitter in August 2021,

Based on an article from the Houston Chronicle, HEB actually has the technology in place to accept Apple Pay. However, they may be reluctant to turn on this payment option because it conflicts, at least somewhat, with their own touchless technology called HEB Go.

HEB Go allows shoppers who download the app and link a credit card to scan and bag their own items as they shop. The app keeps a running total of the items scanned. When you have scanned all your items, you head to an HEB Go kiosk at the checkout lanes and scan an HEB Go QR code. A customer service agent will quickly confirm your purchase and you are then done. The below video provides a good visual demonstration of the process.

It may be a matter of waiting for HEB to see how their own technology pans out before they think about rolling out Apple Pay as a payment option in all stores. However, the company certainly knows how frustrating it is for many customers not to have the ability to pay with Apple Pay.


2. Image – Wil C. Fry/flickr