Does Google Pay Dividends?


Does Google pay dividends?


Google does not pay dividends. Based on the company’s latest annual report, they have no intentions on paying dividends in the foreseeable future. According to the 2017 annual report, Google indicates the following regarding their dividend policy:

We have never declared or paid any cash dividend on our common or capital stock. We intend to retain any future earnings and do not expect to pay any cash dividends in the foreseeable future.

You should not invest in Google expecting a dividend at this point. The company is currently retaining earnings to fuel growth. While Google has grown massively over previous years, they are still using their earnings to maintain their dominance in their niche similar to Netflix. You should anticipate any potential returns to come from an increase in the stock price alone.

It is possible that Google will pay a dividend in the future. This usually happens when a company has exhausted many avenues of growth, but is still earning enough to reward shareholders with a dividend payment. Dividend payments, particularly if they can be increased over time, often signal that a company is in a strong or stable financial situation. However, it appears that we are not close to seeing a dividend payment from Google any time soon.