Can Target gift cards be used anywhere else?

Last Updated on 08/25/2019 by GS Staff

No, Target gift cards can only be used at Target U.S. stores or on If you have no use for this type of gift card, you can consider selling it on a website such as Gift Card Granny. You won’t receive the full gift card balance, but you likely will be able to recover a decent portion of the original balance.

Keep in mind that Target gift cards do not expire. If you do not find an item to purchase, say today, you can hold on to the card to purchase merchandise at a later date.

You can visit Target’s gift card balance page to confirm the current balance of the card. You will need the gift card number and the access number located on the card.

Physical gift cards can be obtain at Target stores,, or by visiting They can also be purchased at retailers such as Kroger, Rite Aid.

eGiftCards can be purchased on,, or by calling 1-877-426-2551.

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Unless required by law, Target eGiftCards and Mobile GiftCards purchased on cannot be returned for cash or credit. You can return a physical card to a Target store if you have the original Target receipt and the card has not been used.

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