Does Meijer Cash Checks?

Last Updated on 09/08/2020 by GS Staff

Q: Does Meijer cash checks?

Meijer no longer cashes checks at the registers or service desk. This was confirmed when we contacted Meijer Customer Care. However, you can use a personal check for payment at the checkout lanes.  

Keep in mind that some Meijer stores have banks in them that are commonly located near the checkout area. These banks are not owned by Meijer so the check cashing policies will vary based on the bank.

You can visit the Meijer Store Finder to pull up your local Meijer and view the store details. These details will list the bank’s name if the Meijer has a bank. You can call this bank and ask about their check cashing policy if desired. 

Image: Nicholas Eckhart/flickr