How Many Loonies in a Roll?

Image Credit: Aaron Strout via Flickr

The Canadian one dollar coin is known as the loonie. The coin features an image of a common loon floating in a body of water on reverse side of the coin, while the front of the coin displays Queen Elizabeth II. The loonie, sort of obviously, gets it name from the loon pictured on the coin.

How many loonies in a roll? There are 25 loonies in a roll. One roll is worth $25.00 since each loonie is equal to $1.00.

The below table reflects the number of coins found in each roll of Canadian coins:

CoinNumber of Coins Per RollValue of a Coin Roll
One Cent (Penny)*5050 Cents
Five Cent (Nickel)40$2.00
Ten Cent (Dime)50$5.00
25 Cent (Quarter)40$10.00
$1.00 (Loonie)25$25.00
$2.00 (Toonie)25$50.00
*The penny is being phased out for the coinage system, according to


Where To Cash Your Rolls

The best place to receive cash for your loonie rolls or other coins is at your bank. Many banks do not have an issue with exchanging rolled coins for paper bills.

Some banks offer coin counting machines where you do not even have to roll your coins, but rather just dump them into a machine. The machine counts the coins and a teller issues you cash.

It is likely best to contact your local bank(s) to ask about their coin roll policy before hauling in a bunch of coins.

If you can’t get to a bank, you can try to spend your rolled coins at various stores. Some merchants might not be too accepting of a customer using a bunch of rolled coins for payment, but you can always try. Most stores will take a roll or two of coins, however, you probably will want to use your best judgement when paying with coins.