Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Last Updated on 01/20/2021 by GS Staff

Q: Does Dollar General accept Apple Pay for payment?

Dollar General takes Apple Pay at some stores. The Twitter response from Dollar General (see below) states that some stores have been updated to accept Apple Pay.

Does Your Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Of course, you can call your local Dollar General and ask if they take Apple Pay. However, there is a more convenient method.

You can use Apple Maps to determine if a store accepts Apple Pay. The app is likely already on your mobile device. If not, you can download it in the Apple App Store.

Once you enter the app, pull up the Dollar General you wish to visit. Scroll down to the “Useful to Know” section. Here you will see the Apple Pay logo and/or “✔ Accepts Apple” if the store takes Apple Pay.

The below image from the Apple Maps app is an example of a Dollar General that takes Apple Pay. You can see circled in red the Apple Pay logo and “✔ Accepts Apple”, which indicates this store takes Apple Pay.

Note that the Apple Maps app is a useful tool to determine if not only a Dollar General accepts Apple Pay, but other physical stores as well.

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Image Credit – Milke Mozart/flickr