Brooks Brothers Stock: Can You Buy Shares?

Last Updated on 07/13/2021 by GS Staff

Is Brooks Brothers Publicly Traded?

Brooks Brothers is not publicly traded. It is a private company whose shares do not trade on a stock exchange. Unfortunately, you cannot buy Brooks Brothers stock through a broker or other methods.

Who Owns Brooks Brothers?

The company is owned by Authentic Brands Group (ABG) LLC and SPARC Group LLC – a joint venture between Simon Property Group (NYSE:SPG) and ABG. The two companies acquire Brooks Brothers in September 2020 for $325 million. Brooks Brothers was in chapter 11 bankruptcy prior to being sold.

ABG/SPARC also owns the fashion retailers, Forever 21 and Aéropostale. Both of these clothing chains were in bankruptcy at the time of purchase. They also acquired the bankrupt Lucky Brands in August 2020 and Eddie Bauer in June 2021. Additionally, ABG/SPARC acquired the clothing company Nautica in 2018 from VF Corporation. VF Corporation is the parent company of Vans and The North Face.

Authentic Brands Group To Go Public

Authentic Brands Group will soon be public. In early July 2021, the company filed for an initial public offering (IPO) and is said to be valued at approximately $10 billion. 2020 revenue for Authentic Brands was $489 million with a net income of $225 million. Its stock symbol will be AUTH and it will trade on the NYSE.

The company owns over 30 brands in media, entertainment, fashion, home, and beyond. In addition to the brands already mention that are co-owned with SPARC, the company also owns other popular brands such as Sports Illustrated, Juicy Couture, Izod, Nautica. and Barneys New York.

You should not invest in Authentic Brands simply because you think Brooks Brothers is a good investment. The company is complex with its global portfolio that spans various sectors. Be sure to complete your due diligence before investing in Authentic Brands.

Will Brooks Brothers Ever Go Public?

We do not envision Brooks Brooks trading as its own stock in the foreseeable future. The company will likely remain a part of ABG/SPARC. Of course, you can invest in Authentic Brands and even Simon Property Group for exposure to Brooks Brothers. However, investments in these companies, of course, are made up of a lot more than just the iconic fashion retailer.

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