Does Best Buy Price Match?

Best Buy Price Match

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Does Best Buy price match?


Yes, Best Buy does price match. However, not all products qualify for a price match as you will see below. The competitors product must be identical to the product sold at Best Buy to be considered for a price match. Additionally, the item must be new and factory sealed with a warranty. Only one price match per item is allowed, per customer. Let’s take a look at some details of Best Buy’s price match policy.

Best Buy will price match the following retailers:

  • All local competitors (with-in 25 mile radius) including their online pricing
  • to in-store prices and in-store to prices

Best Buy will not price match the following:

  • Contract cell phones sold by any internet store
  • Online retailers not listed above
  • Items shipped or sold from a third-party seller online
  • Loyalty offers, discount relating to a non-warehouse membership programs,  government exchange store offers, and other pricing only available to select groups of customers.
  • Daily or hourly sales
  • Service prices such as installation or delivery
  • Pre-orders
  • Trade-ins
  • eBay store offers
  • Financing offers
  • Bundles or items included in bundle offers
  • Free merchandise
  • Errors involving prices
  • Mail-in offers
  • Coupon offers
  • Limited quantity advertised deals
  • Out of stock merchandise
  • Clearance products
  • Open-box items
  • Refurbished products
  • Pre-owned products
  • POS activation cards
  • Membership program video game discounts
  • Gift Cards
  • Credit card offers
  • Gift card offer items
  • Rent or lease to own merchandise
  • Items sold on Thanksgiving and Black Friday through the Monday after Black Friday

Requesting a Best Buy Price Match

In a Best Buy Store: Your best option is to visit the customer service desk and inform them about how you wish to obtain a price match. You should be prepared to provide proof of the price match (i.e. have a website for reference or a print ad) Call 1-888-237-8289 to request a price match. Once you inform Best Buy of your price match, they will research your request. Be prepared to provide the source you used to verify the price at another retailer.

**Visit for full price matching details.**

Shopping for the Best Price

We never recommend visiting one retailer and whimsically making a purchase. This is especially true if you are purchasing a bigger ticket item such as a TV.  Try to complete at least a little research before making that big purchase.

If you go to Best Buy to purchase an item, check the competitor’s prices on your phone before you check out. There are seven online retailers listed above that you can reference on your phone that are acceptable to use for a price match.

In some cases, you might want to write down the product you wish to purchase or take a picture of it with the relevant product information. You can then do your research at home or check local retailers for better pricing.  You then can come back and ask for a price match if it is needed.

Ultimately, never assume that one store always has the best prices. For example, people often assume that Amazon cannot be beat when it comes to prices. Many people buy from there without thinking twice about price shopping elsewhere. However, a recent Mashable article, for example,  indicated  school supplies were 15 percent higher on compared to competitors. One of the worst things you can do is fall in love with one retailer and get sucked into believing they will always provide the best service or prices.

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