Does Zappos Take PayPal?

Last Updated on 08/11/2021 by GS Staff

Can PayPal Be Used on

No, Zappos does not take PayPal. The company states on its website that it stopped accepting PayPal on January 1, 2014. The payment methods accepted by Zappos include gift cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Note that you can purchase a Zappos gift card using PayPal. The gift card can then be used on to pay for your items. This is sort of a workaround for Zappos not taking PayPal.

Visit PayPal’s Zappos gift card webpage to purchase a card. You can also purchase a gift card from eGifter, which also accepts PayPal.

Why Zappos Doesn’t Take PayPay

It might seem a bit odd that Zappos does not take PayPal. However, when we explain the reason, it should make sense to you.

Zappos is owned by Amazon. Check out our article on Zappos stock for more details on this topic. Nevertheless, PayPal became a part of eBay in 2002. As most people recognize, eBay is one of Zappos/Amazon’s primary competitors.

While eBay spun off PayPal into its own company in 2015, Amazon has opted to stay away from accepting PayPal, likely for lasting competitive reasons.

Furthermore, Amazon has its own payment service similar to PayPal called Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay allows for payments to be made on third-party websites using a payment method already set up on a user’s Amazon account.

In short, Amazon does not want to promote the use of PayPal on,, or its other sites when it has its own online payment system.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Zappos will likely not implement PayPal as a payment method in the foreseeable future due to what we outlined above. You should expect Zappos to maintain its basic payment methods of major credit cards/gift cards going forward

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