Zales Credit Card Review: Should you get this card?

If you have ever been inside a Zales, you realize that a large portion of their merchandise is pricey. This is obviously to be expected with a jewelry store, but it also creates a problem with affordability for some people. When it comes to jewelry, people often opt to finance their purchase with a credit card and pay the bill over time.

Zales understands that some of their customers may need to finance a purchase. The company offers the Zales credit card as a potential payment option for those who qualify for the card. This card may be very attractive for some people due to its promotional credit plans that allow no interest for several months. However, the credit card also features a sky-high APR that might deter some people away from obtaining this card. Let’s take a look at the details of the Zales credit card.

APR & Fees

Zales Credit CardAPR & Fees
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)29.99%. Varies based on prime rate.
Balance Transfer APRN/A
Grace PeriodAt least 25 days after the close of each billing cycle.
Balance Transfer FeeN/A
Late Payment FeeUp to $38
Returned Payment FeeUp to $38
Transaction Fee$9.95 per 12 to 18 month promotional credit plan used
Annual FeeNone

The APR for this credit card is extremely high in comparison to the majority of standard credit cards. It is even high for a retail credit as well. You should keep this is mind when determining if you can pay off the balance in time to avoid paying interest.

The Perks

  • Special Financing: No interest payment if the balance is paid within the promotional period offered (6, 12, or 18 months).  A late payment or failure to pay the balance in full by the end of the promotional period will result in regular interest being charged from the purchase date. You also are required to make at least the minimum payment due. A minimum purchase amount will be required to take advantage of the promotional plans. A $9.95 transaction fee will be charged for the 12 and 18 months promotional plans. Review the benefits section of the issuer’s website for full details.
  • $50 off of a purchase on your birthday. This will apply to your next birthday if your account is opened the month of your birthday or within the two months prior.
  • Free standard shipping within the United States with purchases using your Zales credit card.
  • 10 percent off repair service with using your card.

Should you get this card?

If you think you can take advantage of a promotional credit plan, pay at least the minimum payment on time, and payoff the balance before the promotional period ends, this credit card could work for you. We would not recommend getting this credit card if you have doubts about your ability to pay off the balance before the end of the promotional period. A nearly 30 percent APR is an extreme rate that nobody should pay for a luxury item like jewelry. In many cases, there are much cheaper financing options available than paying this brutally high rate.

Note that this credit card is for use at Zales stores. You cannot use it for outside purchases or to obtain a cash advance at an ATM.

Please review the credit issuer’s terms and condition in full before applying for this credit card. APR, fees, pricing, terms, and card benefits can change at any time.