How Many Toonies in a Roll?

Image Credit: Geoff Ruddock via flickr

The Canadian two dollar coin is commonly called the toonie. Its nickname name is a play off the one dollar coin called the loonie, which features a loon on the reverse side of the coin. The toonie has a distinct appearance with the nickel outside and a bronze interior. The front of the coin reflects an image of Queen Elizabeth, while the reserve side shows a polar bear.

How many toonies in a roll? A standard roll of toonies contains 25 coins, which is the same as the loonie rolls.  A toonie roll filled with 25 coins has a value of $50.00.

Canadian Coin Rolls

The below table reflects the number of coins and values found in Canadian rolls of coins. By viewing this table, you probably realize how valuable your spare coins can be. Sometimes you do not realize how much money you have saved until you start rolling your coins.

CoinNumber of Coins Per RollValue of a Coin Roll
One Cent (Penny)*5050 Cents
Five Cent (Nickel)40$2.00
Ten Cent (Dime)50$5.00
25 Cent (Quarter)40$10.00
$1.00 (Loonie)25$25.00
$2.00 (Toonie)25$50.00
*The penny is being phased out for the coinage system, according to