Does ShopRite Take Apple Pay?

Last Updated on 03/04/2021 by GS Staff

Q: Does ShopRite accept Apple Pay for payment?

Yes, ShopRite takes Apple Pay in-stores and online. The Twitter response below from the company confirms this information.

ShopRite & Apple Pay – In-Stores

Apple Pay can be used when checking out at ShopRite registers. The point-of-sale terminals are equipped with the technology to accept Apple Pay. The company has been accepting this payment method for over five years. The staff should be well trained to walk you through how to use Apple Pay if you are unfamiliar with how the process works.

You can always verify if a store, such as ShopRite or Costco, accepts Apple Pay by using the Apple Maps app. This app you likely already on your Apple device. If not, it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Open up the app and search for the store you wish to shop at. Click on the store in the app and look for the “Useful to Know” section. This section will be near the store’s website address and phone number. Here you will see the Apple Pay logo and/or “✔ Accepts Apple Pay” if the store takes Apple Pay.

The image below from the Apple Maps app shows an example of a ShopRite that accepts Apple Pay. You can see that the “Useful to Know” section displays the Apple Pay logo and “✔ Accepts Apple Pay” (both circled in red). This, of course, indicates that the store accepts Apple Pay.

Since you already know ShopRite takes Apple Pay, it is unnecessary to use the Apple Maps app to verify this information. However, it is a useful tool to use if you are unsure if other stores accept Apple Pay.

ShopRite Online & Apple Pay

You can also pay with Apple Pay online when using the ShopRite app and when ordering groceries on where available. If your Apple device is set up with Apple Pay, the option to use Apple Pay for payment will be shown at checkout. If you are checking out on, be sure to use the Safari browser.

The image below from the ShopRite app shows the “Buy with Apple Pay” button that will appear when you are ready to pay with Apple Pay online.

Featured Image Credit – Mike Mozart/flickr