Does Panera Bread Take Apple Pay?

Last Updated on 09/13/2020 by GS Staff

Q: Does Panera accept Apple Pay as a payment method?

Yes, Panera takes Apple Pay both online and in stores. They were one of the first companies to embrace this contactless payment method in 2014. At the time that Apple Pay was launched in Panera restaurants, the company’s Chief Technology and Transformation Officer stated the following,

For us, it’s a natural extension of Panera 2.0 which brings together digital ordering, multiple payment options and improved operational processes to deliver an enhanced guest experience.

Even today, there is often uncertain whether a given store/restaurant will accept Apple Pay. However, you can walk into any Panera Breach location and be confident that they will accept Apple Pay as a payment option. The cashier should be well trained on taking Apple Pay transactions to hopefully produced a quick and easy order for you.

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In case you still are not convinced that Panera takes Apple Pay, you can verify that it does by opening the Apple Maps app. You simply pull up your local Panera Bread and scroll down to the “Useful to Know” section below the restaurant address, phone number, and website address. Here it will indicate the Apple Pay logo and/or “✔ Accepts Apple Pay”, which indicates the restaurant takes Apple Pay.