How Many Nickels are in a Quarter?


How many nickels are in a quarter?


There are 5 nickels in a quarter. In other words, there are 25 cents in a quarter and you divide this by 5 cents in a nickel. This equals 5 nickels in a quarter. The equation is as follows:

25 (cents in 1 quarter) ÷ 5 (cents in 1 nickel) = 5 nickels in a quarter

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The below table shows how 5 nickels equal a quarter when counting one nickel at a time.

Number of Nickel(s)Value
1 Nickel5 Cents
2 Nickels10 Cents
3 Nickels15 Cents
4 Nickels20 Cents
5 Nickels25 Cents or 1 Quarter