Is Quorn Publicly Traded?

Last Updated on 06/29/2021 by GS Staff

Can you purchase Quorn stock?

Quorn is a brand of the Monde Nissin Corporation. This corporation only trades on the Philippine Stock Exchange. In order to invest in Monde Nissin Corporation, your broker will need to permit trading access to the international market of the Philippines if you are outside of this market. Higher commission or trading fees may apply.

What is Monde Nissin’s stock symbol?

Monde Nissin trades under the stock symbol MONDE. You can track its stock price on the Philippine Stock Exchange website. Simply visit the homepage of the website and type in MONDE on the stock quote search bar.

Since the company has a strong presence in the United Kingdom, there is talk of a secondary listing there in the future. Additionally, the United States may also be a potential target for a listing. Stay tuned.

When did Monde Nissin go public?

The company began trading on the Philippine Stock Exchange on June 1, 2021. The company raised approximately $1 billion from the initial public offering (IPO). According to CNN Business, it was the largest IPO in the country’s history.

A large portion of the money raised from the IPO will be used to increase the growth of the Quorn brand. This is the area where the company expects to see substantial growth over the next decade as the demand for meat alternatives is likely to continue to ramp up.

Despite the increasing popularity of Quorn, Monde Nissin still views Lucky Me! (an instant noodle company) as the backbone of the company. Money will almost certainly be used from the IPO to bolster the brand through increased exports to places like North American and Europe. Additionally, the company will likely attempt to elevate sales in its already strong markets in the Philippines and Thailand where they still see much room for growth for instant noodles.

Monde Nissin Brands

Investing in Monde Nissin is an investment in more than just the Quorn brand. The company owns these popular brands:

  • Quorn – Quorn is a meat substitute food brand that was originally created in the United Kingdom by Marlow Foods in 1985. Monde Nissin acquired the brand in 2015 for $831 million. Products such as meatless nuggets, patties, and fillets can be purchased at grocery stores in the U.S. and beyond.
  • Lucky Me! – An instant noodle brand that was launched by Monde Nissin in 1989. The brand is one of the most popular in the Philippines that has been purchased by the majority of households in the country.
  • Skyflakes – It is the top cracker brand in the Philippines. It has been around since the 1960’s.
  • M.Y. San Grahams – This is a graham cracker brand of Monde Nissin. They are popular for use on mango float desserts in the Philippines.
  • Cauldron – This brand specializes in making vegan and vegetarian foods.
  • Monde – The company makes breads, cakes, and other baked goods.
  • Nissin – The brand makes wafers, cookies, and biscuits as its primary products.

Final Thoughts

While you cannot purchase Quorn stock, you can buy shares of its parent company, Monde Nissin, through the Philippine Stock Exchange. This may not be practical for people outside of the Philippines who may find it difficult to find shares to purchase on an exchange in their market. There is a possibility that Monde Nissin will be listed in the United Kingdom and/or the United States in the future. If this happens, it will make it much easier for many of our readers to invest in the company.

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