Is MasterCard Accepted in the USA?

MasterCard USA

Last Updated on 10/26/2020 by GS Staff

Q: Is MasterCard accepted in the United States?

This may seem like a basic question to someone living in the United States, but many readers outside of the U.S. are not familiar with U.S. credit cards. Additionally, there are likely readers in the U.S. that are just starting to learn about credit cards and are curious about where MasterCard is accepted.

MasterCard is one of the four major credit cards in the United States. It is widely accepted throughout the United States at restaurants, stores, gas stations, hotels, and numerous other locations. Additionally, MasterCard is commonly accepted as payment for online transactions with U.S companies. You commonly need the credit card number, expiration date, and the MasterCard security code from the back of the card to complete online orders.

I have used a MasterCard for years in the United States. I very rarely come across a place that does not accept this type of credit card. This is especially true since over the past decade or so there has been a major shift to the use of credit or debit cards as the major method of payment instead of cash or check.

The other major credit that are widely accepted in the United States are Visa (the most popular option), American Express, and Discover.