Hungry Howie’s Stock – Can You Purchase Shares?

Last Updated on 06/29/2021 by GS Staff

Is Hungry Howie’s Pizza Publicly Traded?

Hungry Howie’s is a private company headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan. You cannot purchase Hungry Howie’s stock since the company is not publicly traded. It does not have a stock symbol, stock price, or trade on a stock exchange where the public can purchase shares.

Will There Ever Be Hungry Howie’s Stock?

The most likely scenario for this to happen would be for the company to file an initial public offering (IPO) to bring it public. Once public, investors would be able to purchase Hungry Howie’s stock through a broker. However, we have no reason to believe that Hungry Howie’s will be publicly traded any time soon or ever. The company has been private for almost 50 years under the leadership of its current president/CEO. We speculate that it will remain private similar to other large pizza franchise companies headquartered in Michigan like Little Caesars and Jet’s Pizza.

Who Owns Hungry Howie’s?

The company was started by Jim Hearn in 1973. He transformed a small hamburger shop in Taylor, Michigan into the first Hungry Howie’s pizzeria. Hearn employed a young Steven Jackson as a delivery driver in the early days of the business. Hearn and Jackson would go on to create one of the most successful pizza franchise businesses in the United States.

The first franchise opened in 1983 and by 1986 the company had approximately 65 franchises. Solid growth continued through the years with the 400th franchise opening in 1995 and the 500th launching in 2005. Today, there are approximately 600 locations with a large portion of them in Michigan and Florida. Some other states where you will find franchises are California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Colorado, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, and more.

Jim Hearn died in 2013 and Steven Jackson is the current president/CEO of Hungry Howie’s. Since Hungry Howie’s is private, its current ownership is not crystal clear since the company is not required to disclose this information. However, we would suspect that the Hearn family and Steven Jackson/family have ownership in the business.

Image Credit – Larry & Teddy Oage/flickr CC By 2.0