Does Golden Corral Take Reservations?

Last Updated on 09/20/2021 by GS Staff

Golden Corral takes reservations for their party rooms. These rooms can be reserved to host various events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, wedding rehearsals, class reunions, and more. Best of all, the rooms are complimentary.

Here is how to reserve a Golden Corral banquet/party room:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your city or zip code to find a location near you to reserve a party room. If the location has a banquet/party room on site, you will see “ Banquet / Party Room” listed as one of the amenites.
  3. Call the phone number listed for the restaurant to speak with the staff about booking a room.

Generally, Golden Corral table wait times are minimal for guests that don’t need a party room. In many cases, seating is immediate. If you have a smaller group that doesn’t warrant a party room and have concerns about getting a table in a timely manner, call the restaurant you wish to dine at. Your local Golden Corral can be found by going to

The Golden Corral staff may potentially be able to accomodate your request after you speak with them via a phone call. However, be aware that holidays can be particularly busy and are difficult to accomodate the various requests of guests. While you certainly can call your local Golden Corral to see if they can accodomate you during a holiday, your request may not be granted.

Image Credit – Daniel X. O’Neil/flickr