Does Foot Locker Take PayPal?

Last Updated on 12/22/2020 by GS Staff

Q: Does Foot Locker accept PayPal for payment?

Foot Locker takes PayPal on and through the PayPal app. Read on for additional details on paying online with PayPal at Foot Locker. & PayPal accepts PayPal during checkout. When you start the checkout process, you will be presented with the option to complete your purchase using “PayPal Checkout”. The image below shows what PayPal Checkout looks like on the website. You will be directed to once you click the PayPal Checkout button.

Foot Locker App & PayPal

You can also use PayPal as a payment method on the Foot Locker app. The image below from the Foot Locker app shows “PayPay Checkout”, which you will select to pay with PayPal. Of course, you always have the option to pay with other popular payment methods such as a major credit card or Apple Pay.

Foot Locker Returns & PayPal

Be aware that you cannot make an in-store return when you use PayPal for payment online. You must return your item by mail. Visit the Returns & Exchanges page of to learn how to return an item via mail that was paid for with PayPal. You can also reference the below Twitter response from Foot Locker on the topic.

PayPal Not Always an Option

If PayPal is not a payment option for you at checkout, it likely means that the item does not qualify for this payment method. As Foot Locker explains in the below Twitter response, some merchandise ships from stores that are unable to accept PayPal.


PayPal is now a common payment option online. It can be used for payment on numerous shopping websites such as and While no payment method is risk-free, you should feel confident when using PayPal on Foot Locker that you are using one of the safest and easiest payment options out there.

Top Image Credit – Takahiro Nagao/flickr