Fiji Water Stock: Can You Buy Shares?

Last Updated on 08/09/2021 by GS Staff

Fiji Water is known as being one of the top premium bottled water brands in the world. A quick look at prices at our local Walmart revealed it costs $6.88 for a 6-pack of 16.9 fl. oz. bottles. In comparison, Great Value purified bottled water costs $2.92 for 24 bottles of the same size.

Despite its not-so-budget-friendly price tag, there clearly is consumer demand for Fiji Water. Zippia reports gross annual sales of $220 million for Fiji, making it the 7th largest bottled water company in the world. It falls behind several other popular bottled water brands including Danone, Poland Spring, Glaceau SmartWater, Nestle, Dasani, and Aquafina.

Is Fiji Water Publicly Traded?

Given the popularity of this premium bottled water brand, many people wonder if individual investors can purchase Fiji Water stock. In other words, is Fiji Water publicly traded or private?

Fiji Water is owned by The Wonderful Company, a private company headquartered in Los Angles. There is not a Fiji Water stock since the brand is owned by a private business. Unfortunately, the general public cannot invest in Fiji Water. It does not trade on a stock exchange, have a public stock price, or have a ticker symbol.

About The Wonderful Company

The Wonderful Company is a holding company headed by billionaires Stewart and Lynda Resnick. The couple is estimated to be worth $7.1 billion according to Forbes. Stewart has been the chairman and president of the business since 1979. In addition to Fiji Water, the couple owns several other noteworthy brands through the holding company including:

  • Pom – This beverage brand is known for its pomegranate juice. It was founded by the Resnicks in 2002.
  • Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds – The brand is the largest grower and processor of pistachios and almonds, globally. If you like almonds or pistachios, you ‘ve likely tried this brand.
  • JUSTIN Wines – The California vineyard for this wine was bought by Stewart and Lynda in 2010. It now a part of Fiji Water.
  • Landmark Wines – This Sonoma County wine brand was purchased by The Wonderful Company in 2011.
  • JNSQ – Je ne sais quoi (JNSQ) is a luxury wine brand marketed toward women.
  • Wonderful Halos – This brand of mandarin oranges was launched in 2013. Approximately four years later, Wonderful Halos hit the top in regard to market share for the segment.
  • Wonderful Sweet Scarletts – This is a brand of Texas red grapefruits.

The Wonderful company owns several other brands in addition to the above. Visit for full details.

Will Fiji Water Ever Be Public?

We have no information that would suggest Fiji Water will ever be public. If we had to speculate, we would assume that The Wonderful Company would go public before solely Fiji Water. Fiji is small in comparison to many other publicly traded companies with its approximate $220 million in revenue. The estimated $5 billion in revenue of The Wonderful Company along with its attractive portfolio of brands makes it more appealing, on the surface to bring public, than just Fiji Water.

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