Does Family Dollar Take Checks?

Last Updated on 02/24/2021 by GS Staff

While cash, debit, and credit cards are the most widely used payment methods at dollar stores, certain customers may wish to use a check. We will take a look at if Family Dollar takes checks. We will also inform you of other popular dollar or discount stores that accept checks for purchases. 

Q: Does Family Dollar accept checks as a payment option?

Yes, Family Dollar takes checks at most stores. They accept preprinted personal checks from the local trade area. The check must be made out for the purchase amount. Suitable identification should be presented with the check when requested by the cashier. Bank verification of the check may be required.

Family Dollar also accepts other popular payment methods such as cash, PIN-based/combination debit cards, and contactless payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Tap to Pay with Visa/Mastercard.

Popular Dollar/Discount Stores that Accept Checks

The following dollar/discount stores are also popular options to shop at to pay with a check:

  • Dollar Tree – Checks are accepted using electronic check acceptance. Note that Dollar Tree owns Family Dollar
  • Big Lots – The company accepts personal and commercial checks in its stores. 
  • Dollar General – They accept checks. The checks are processed electronically. 

Image – Mike Mozart/flickr