Does Meijer Price Match?

Meijer Price Match

Last Updated on 09/07/2020 by GS Staff

Meijer does not price match their competitors. The company’s price match policy ended on November 1, 2013. Meijer used to price match General Merchandise (non-grocercy) products, but this is no longer the case.

Meijer states the following on

Meijer strives to provide low prices every day across the store. In order to maintain our prices, Meijer does not match ads from competitors.

Meijer tends to have pretty low prices compared to its competitors. It is the main grocery store I shop at because of their prices. If price matching was affecting everyday pricing, I am glad they got rid of it.

Personally, I have never price matched. However,  I understand why some people might be upset that pricing matching is no longer an option at Meijer. I suppose it was a nice benefit of shopping at Meijer while it lasted.

Image Credit: Nicholas Eckhart via flickr