Do Chipotle Gift Cards Expire?

Last Updated on 09/28/2021 by GS Staff

Do Chipotle Gift Cards Expire?

No, Chipotle gift cards do not expire. Furthermore, they do not have fees associated with them. This includes burdensome fees such as dormancy or maintenance fees. You can use your Chipotle gift card without concern that it will one day be useless or have its balance reduced by fees.

The above information was confirmed on and from the below Twitter response from Chipotle:

Be aware that it is common for gift cards not to expire. For example, competitors like Taco Bell and McDonald’s also do not have expiration dates for their gift cards. However, you always should review the terms & conditions of any gift card you purchase to be clear of any expiration date, fees, or other conditions that may impact the balance of the card.

How to Check the Balance of Chipotle Gift Card?

Simply go to Chipotle’s Gift Card Balance Checker. On this webpage, you will enter your card’s 16-digit number, an email address, and a mobile phone number. You then complete the reCAPTCHA and click the “Check Balance” button to see your current gift card balance. You will also receive an email and text message with your balance information.

Here is an example of the information you will enter to check the balance:

Reload a Chipotle Gift Card

If your gift card balance is zero or low, you may wish to reload the balance on your existing card. Visit Chipotle’s Reload Your Gift card webpage to reload your card. You will need your gift card number to start the reload process. You may have to wait up to four hours for the card to reload after you submit your information. However, you will receive an email notification once the reload is complete.

Where Can Chipotle Gift Cards Be Used?

Chipotle gift cards can be used at Chipotle restaurants or when placing an order online via Gift cards are valid only in the United States. They are not accepted as a payment method outside of the United States.

Where to Buy Chipotle Gift Cards?

You can purchase Chipotle gift cards online at Gift cards can be bought as eGift cards or physical gift cards that are mailed to you. Shipping charges apply when you purchase a physical gift card.

Chipotle gift cards can also be purchased at various retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Staples, Target, and more.

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