How to Check a GameStop Gift Card Balance

Last Updated on 02/28/2021 by GS Staff

It is super simple to check your GameStop gift card balance. You will need your card number and PIN.

Once you have these numbers, visit GameStop’s gift card balance inquiry webpage. This is located at Enter the card number and PIN as requested. This will reveal your GameStop gift card balance.

You can also visit a GameStop store and ask an associate to confirm your gift card balance.

Do GameStop Gift Cards Expire?

You can read our article titled Do GameStop gift cards expire? for more information on the topic. However, the short answer is no. Wait as long as you want to use your gift card. It will not expire. We suppose if the company goes out of business you may be in trouble. Otherwise, you should feel safe using your gift card whenever it is convenient for you.

Can You Get Cash for a GameStop Gift Card?

You cannot receive cash from GameStop for your gift card balance unless by chance local law requires it. There are websites like that will buy gift cards for less than the balance amount. Furthermore, there is nothing stopping you from selling a gift card through a private transaction.

What if You Lose Your GameStop Gift Card?

Not all may be lost if you lose your GameStop gift card. If you have the original receipt from when you purchased the card or a receipt from when you used the gift card for a purchase, you may be in luck. This documentation will reflect the gift card number. Take the information to a GameStop associate who can likely issue you a new gift card.