Can I Cash My Own Money Order?

Last Updated on 08/29/2020 by GS Staff

If you are reading this article, you likely purchased a money order with cash and now no longer need to use it for its intended purposes. You also likely wish to receive your money back for your purchase of the money order. Fortunately, you can cash your own money order and we will explain how.

Cashing Your Own Money Order

A money order will have a “Pay To” section on the front of it. This is typically filled out to another party such as a landlord or utility company for payment. However, you are also able to complete this “Pay To” section with your name and address printed on it. This will allow you to cash your own money order and receive the cashback for the amount of the money order minus any fees. 

What if the Money Order is Already Filled Out?

If the money order is already filled in with the payee’s name and address of another party, take it into a bank or check cashing store and speak with the teller. Inform the teller that you want to cash a money order that is filled in with payee information of a party you no longer wish to pay. Additionally, show the teller the receipt (if available) from the purchase of the money order. Policies may vary, so you may wish to call the bank or check cashing store to confirm they will cash your already filled out money order. 

Do Not Alter a Money Order

Do not alter or make changes to a money order. This can result in the money order being ineligible for cashing. For example, if you accidentally make the money order out to your landlord, do not cross off their name/business name and attempt to place your name in its place.    

Receive a Refund

Instead of cashing your own money order, you can obtain a refund from the place you purchased it (i.e. at Kroger or your bank). There may be a fee to receive a refund. For example, Western Union currently charges a $15 processing fee when you have the original money order/receipt or $30 without the original documentation. Be aware that the process to obtain a refund varies. However, the refund policy of the money order issuer is often placed on their website.