Does Big Lots Take Food Stamps (SNAP/EBT)?

Last Updated on 09/16/2020 by GS Staff

Q: Does Big Lots accept food stamps?

Some, but not all, Big Lots stores take food stamps. However, it is easy to determine if a particular Big Lots store takes food stamps by visiting the company’s website.

To find out if a Big Lots near you accepts SNAP/EBT (food stamps), visit the company’s store finder page here. On this page, type in your city and state or zip code and pull up your local Big Lots store. Your store’s page will have a “Stores Services” section. Here it will list “SNAP/EBT” if the Big Lots accepts food stamps.

Big Lots stated through Facebook that the majority of stores do accept EBT. Based on the company’s comments, they are working to meet state guidelines and regulations to rollout EBT in more and more stores.

Image: Michael Rivera