Do Barnes & Noble Gift Cards Expire?

Last Updated on 09/27/2021 by GS Staff

Do Barnes & Noble gift cards eventually expire?

According to the Barnes & Noble terms and conditions for its gift cards, its gifts cards do not expire. Furthermore, there are no fees tied to the balance of a Barnes & Noble gift card. This includes inactivity, dormancy, maintenance, and service fees.

You can use your Barnes & Noble gift card whenever you desire without any concern that the card will one day be useless or have its balance reduced due to fees.

How to replace a Barnes & Noble gift card?

Call 1-800-843-2665 to speak with Barnes & Noble about replacing your lost or stolen gift card. You must have proof of purchase and the gift card number to replace a card. The company will issue a replacement based on the value of the last remaining balance on the lost or stolen card.

Be sure to always keep the receipt, card number, and PIN (if appliable) for any gift card in case you lose it. Many companies that issue gift cards require this information to issue a new card.

How to check a Barnes & Noble gift card balance?

To check the balance of a gift card, call 1-800-295-3029. Have your gift card information available to enter on the phone when prompted.

You can also check the balance online by navigating to You will be requested to enter the card or validation number and PIN (when applicable).

Where to buy Barnes & Noble gift cards?

You can purchase physical and eGift cards through the Barnes & Noble website at Cards can be purchased with themes based on birthdays, kids, and any occasion.

Other stores that typically have these gift cards available for purchase are Kroger, Amazon,, Walgreens, Staples, and more.

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Where can Barnes & Noble gift cards be used?

Gifts cards can be used in Barnes & Noble stores,, Bookstar, and Barnes & Noble College.

Promotional Gift Cards

On occasion, Barnes & Noble customers may be issued promotional gift cards as a reward. These cards may expire so be sure to read the terms & conditions in full of any promo so you don’t miss out on the award benefit. Note that promotional gift cards are different from the gift cards you purchase on your own.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world of gift cards, many do not have expiration dates. This includes retailers and restaurants such as Barnes & Noble, McDonald’s, Walmart, Xbox, Taco Bell, Starbucks, and many more. While most gift cards do not expire, it’s important to read the terms and conditions of any gift card to be sure you maximize the value of the card. Of course, the last thing anyone wants to deal with are unexpected fees or worse, a useless expired gift card.

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